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Evaluation of a point of care ultrasound curriculum for Indonesian physicians taught by first-year medical students

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Jonathan B. Lee1, Christina Tse1, Thomas Keown1, Michael Louthan1, Christopher Gabriel1, Alexander Anshus1, Bima Hasjim1, Katrina Lee1, Esther Kim1, Luke Yu1, Allen Yu1, Shadi Lahham2, Steven Bunch2, Maili Alvarado2, Abdulatif Gari2, John C. Fox1,2


1 School of Medicine, University of California, Irvine, USA


2 Department of Emergency Medicine, University of California, Irvine, Orange, California 92868, USA


Corresponding Author: Shadi Lahham, Email: slahham@uci.edu


© 2017 World Journal of Emergency Medicine


DOI: 10.5847/wjem.j.1920–8642.2017.04.006


BACKGROUND: The purpose of this study was to assess the short-term efficacy of a 4-week ultrasound curriculum taught by American first-year medical students to general practitioners working in public health care clinics, or puskesmas, in Bandung, Indonesia.

METHODS: We performed a prospective, observational study of Indonesian health care practitioners from public clinics in Bandung, Indonesia. These practitioners were enrolled in a 4-week ultrasound training course taught by first-year American medical students. A total of six sessions were held comprising of 38 ultrasound milestones. A pre-course and post-course written exam and practical exam was taken by each participant.

RESULTS: We enrolled 41 clinicians in the course. The average pre-course exam score was 35.2% with a 2.4% pass rate, whereas the average post-course exam score was 82.0% with a 92.7% pass rate. The average practical score at the completion of the course was 83.2% (SD=0.145) with 82.9% of the class passing (score above 75.0%).

CONCLUSION: Our data suggests that first-year medical students can effectively teach ultrasound to physicians in Indonesia using a 4-week intensive ultrasound training course. Future studies are needed to determine the amount of training required for proficiency and to evaluate the physicians' perceptions of the student-instructors' depth of knowledge and skill in point of care ultrasound.

(World J Emerg Med 2017;8(4):281–286)


KEY WORDS: Ultrasound education; Ultrasound teaching; Indonesia

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